Our Magical Journey Continues...

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Stages Trivia Contest

How well do you know Stages and general theater trivia?
During the livestream of Our Magical Journey Continues... we asked some Stages Trivia questions. Click the corresponding question below  to reveal the answer. The first person to submit the correct answer for each question won 2 tickets to one of our 2021-2022 shows!
(You can find most of the answers right here on Stages' website.)

Practice Question: Fill in the blank: A Magical Journey Thru ____________.

Answer: Stages Winner: Mae Tuoti

Question #1: In the 2019-2020 season, how many full theatre productions did STAGES produce?

Answer: 8 Winner: Jennifer Serventi

Question #2: Currently, how many people sit on the Board of Directors for STAGES?

Answer: 12 Winner: Erica Silloway

Question #3: What year did STAGES begin?

Answer: The idea for STAGES was first conceived in 1999, but the first production was in 2000. Since no one said 1999, we accepted 2000. Winner: Steve Zwart

Question #4: Our latest full theater production was "WORKING: The Musical". What season did we last produce "WORKING: The Musical"?

Answer: 2011-2012 Season Winner: Erica Silloway

Event Program

  • Welcome 

  • Performances by Stages' High School Seniors

  • Stages Trivia contest

  • Presentation of the Michael Lynch Award

  • Presentation of the Standing Ovation Award to Lisa Guyon

  • Announcement of the 2021-2022 Season

  • Fundraising appeal to help us reach our $100,000 goal (we're almost there!)

Stages Seniors 2021

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Thank you to the amazing staff of Stages for helping get our Stages  Seniors across the finish line. You are the glue that holds Stages  together, and the elixir that makes Stages ‘magical.’ Thank you for all  you do!

Mark Bennett