1.  My child is in grade x… in what shows/programs can she/he participate?

2.  Does Stages make exceptions for grade level? 

Stages’ program guidelines are defined by grade level rather than age.   Stages Board policy is that no exceptions be made to be fair and consistent (e.g. if we were to allow one seventh grader to audition for a Mainstage Teens show, we would then open up auditions for all seventh graders). 

Please review the chart above to find the other programs offered at Stages that fit your grade level.  If you have questions, call 935-7173 or email

3. How much experience is needed to be in a Stages show?

Students of all experience levels are welcome to register and audition for all of our programs.  There is something to be learned in every role and program.  Students attracted to our programs tend to be those who have talent in singing, dancing or acting, have been encouraged to grow their skills further, and enjoy working with other students that share a passion for performing.  


4. Why wasn't my child cast in a lead role?  

Casting is a puzzle which takes into account a significant number of elements, including the characters in the show, comparison with other people being considered for parts (height, voice type, etc.), scheduling conflicts, your audition and your particular talents, to name a few.  For example, a student that has often had lead roles may be cast in an ensemble role when auditioning with an older, more experienced group.  This provides a great opportunity for learning from others.  The director looks at all the factors and casts according to his/her vision for the show.  We’ve found that participants in our programs love being involved in the process of creating a show, learning more about theater and making new friends.  Theater is a team sport and thereʼs always more to learn!  Parents, please set your expectations along these lines.  It is as important and fun to be cast in an ensemble role as the lead.  Itʼs wise not to focus on the possibility of being cast in one particular part.  


5. When is audition info posted for each show?

Audition details are posted approximately four weeks prior to each audition.  Signing up for audition appointments soon after details are posted will improve the chances of your getting your choice of audition time and date.  Check out audition info here.


6. How can I get more info about Stages?

To be added to the list to receive our bi-monthly email newsletter, “Stages Pages,” send your email request to  You can also keep up to date by checking out our website (, our facebook page  or on twitter (mjtstages).  Come to one of our shows to see performances by some of the most talented students in the greater Rochester area!  See what's on stage next here.